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Writer's Block: Gamer's Choice

What is your favorite old-school video game?
Double Dragon

Writer's Block: Looking Back

LiveJournal is turning 10 and we're feeling nostalgic. What was your first LJ post about?
My first was about how I thought I had a crush on someone who I know realize was not worth ahlf the effort I considered putting into pursuing the relationship with.

real life


Im just a little upset right now and need to vent a bit.

Im upset at the fact that I have been married for 12 years now and in that 12 years I have recieved maybe one or two anniversary cards , no wedding gifts , and don't even get me started on my birthday.

I am talking about my dad

My dad never calls me on my birthday unless I call him first. He never calls on my anniversary , offered to throw me a reception , a service , throw a party for me. He didn't even call me on my birthday this year , being my 30th. Frankly I guess I am saying I am tired of being the fucked over child. and I am the oldest. Everyone has allways cared more about my brothers and sisters than they ever did me. I am of the popular belief that if I did indeed kill myself right now , that no one in my immediate family minus Billy and Olivia would attend my funeral. Thats real talk right there.

None the less , my brother is getting arried , my dad is paying for his wedding ceremony by the beach in Tahoe , trowing him a BBQ for his reception .

I got a fucking crock pot.

Fuck this I officially write you off!

Domo IC


OC: This is to be taken OC and is only for the amusement of my bored self.

I shift from bat to man as I walk in the front door of Josef's estate . It is said his brother who was once prince lived here , I feel some sort of looming presence but it may be whatever Invictus that I cannot see in the building. I make my way through the staff and security he has on hand as I go downstairs into the cellar where we keep Significant. I allways called him that , it made him so mad but that was intentionally the point as it was more socailly acceptable to call him that than call him the N-word.

I walk twoards the door that leads to the cellar that leads to another room within the estate that Josef led me to store Mikee. I nod and smile like a good pup to the onlooking staff and security that I pass , showing the grace and civillity of a Kindred of my taste and good looks.  I walk up to the door that is being guarded by the two ghouls and nod as they part ways and let me in.

'Mr Daye has asked I retrieve said object , you two are dismissed. ' I say as they nod and shrug then walk off. I grab the old footlocker that we decided to put Mr Q in and hoist it onto a dolly and start wheeling it out to a car that I intend on returning with driver to the estate after I finish with what I need to do. We drive for about an hour to the Serras to a desolate place outside of Lake Tahoe. There I stand , with Mikee Q below me looking down on what I left of his corpse smiling with a hand full of claws in one , and a larger chain and lock in the other with a diffacult decision to make none the less. Should I kill this insolent cur? He is acknowledged , and it would be a crime to dispose of him as such as I would hate for the Shadow Prince to hunt me , on top of Cid King. However , I could just chain him up and leave him for Judgement Day ! But then there will allways be that 'what if' factor.. I peer around and look intently at my surroundings....what if I was followed? What if someone goes looking for him ? What if he is awakened and is questioned about what happened to him? Kindred hold grudges but Gangrel tend not to wait on certain things. Certainly he was embraced for some reason as he showed some sense of purpose.

As I said , I stare into the box and into the night sky with a tough decision to make........walking away several moments later with the tell tale evidence of my decision on my clothes I walk into the car and sigh mourning the loss of another waste of our blood ,  I turn on the TV inside the car to watch the news untill I return to Sacramento .

Writer's Block: Get Real

What reality show would you most want to be a contestant on? What would your strategy for winning be?
I would want to be on Survivor . I would most likely eat everyone and kick Jeff Probst in the head untill he gave me a million dollars.

Writer's Block: Your Threads

What does your favorite "you" outfit consist of?
 OK there are several favorate 'You " outfits that I have. I guess I'll start with wake up to after 'whatever' since I can't seem to find a job. 

bedtime/wake up : underwear , nothing fancy

casual not doing anything : sweats, old t-shirt 

around town nothing special: dickies shorts and a t-shirt possibly some sneakers short socks

around town on a purpose: silk short sleeve button up mom got me in Florida , khaki pants or shorts depending on the weateher. 

Driven for success: solid colored shirts , BRIGHT or eyecatching colored ties . 

hanging out with the friends: whatever is clever.

Writer's Block: Your First Record

What was the first music album you ever bought or owned? Do you still listen to it or have you moved on?
 My first record that I ever bought myself that I can remember was .......Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby

This is sad.

Writer's Block: On Character Preferences

Who is your favorite fictional character? Why do you love them? What fictional character bugs you?
Captain America has allways been my favorate fictional character due to the fact that he was next to nothing physically but is a mental juggernaut. He was chosen to do the super soldier stuff and etc etc . He just allways stood out when it came to freedom and justice and what not to me when I was a kid and now that I am an adult with the whole Civil War storyline , it was really cool when HE was the one who stood up to the government and was like 'hey we cannot do this etc these are our friends' and died defending the things that meant the most to him. Hence why he is imoprtalized on my right forearm , until I can afford to get the rest of the Avengers done:) 

As far as characters who really bug me , Spider Man has altely cause he does an awful lot of stupid thigns however on another hand he is showing his obvious flaws as a person. 

If you started a restaurant, what would it serve, what would it look like and what would you name it? You have an unlimited budget.
Well , I would have a sports Bar and grill , not like Wing House or Hooters or anything but still have an all female wait staff cause guy waiters are fags , in most places like that. Except Chili's casue they serve steak there. 

In all seriousness though I would hire mostly chicks since thats what people mostly like. On another note I would serve a variety to serve but it would be mostly steakhouse food with some asian and hispanic compliments with some pasta dishes as well. 

On top of which I would have a HUMONGOUS BAR with FIRE BREATHERS AND WRESTLING EVERY WEEKEND. It would be like coyote Ugly except less corny and more leather. YEAH


Maybe I should go work at a resaraunt and learn how to run it before I own one. 


Writer's Block: Your Dream Dinner

If you could have dinner with anyone at all, dead or alive, famous or not, who would you go with? Out of anywhere in the world, where would you eat?

This is kinda a off question since there are som many I would want to pick the nids of. I would like to have dinner with Genghis Khan. We could go to Mongolian BBQ here in town so he is in his comfort zone. I just want to see for myself if he  was really mad or jsut a genius.